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Essential Gear For Alpine Climbing

What you should bring on an summer alpine rock climb.

Ice Climbing First Aid Kit
Ice Climbing First Aid Kit

A comprehensive packing list for your ice climbing first aid kit.

Packing List For Multipitch Rock Climbing
Packing List For Multipitch Climbing

A downloadable list for everything you'll need for a day of multipitch climbing.

Mixed Master (IV WI5 5.8) Trip Report

A trip report of our recent climb on the Parkway including gear beta

Climbing Gear Stash

A tour of my gear collection, as featured on

(coming soon...)
essential gear for multipitch climbing
Essential Gear For Multipitch Climbing

My personal recommendation for what to bring along on a multipitch rock climb.

DMM Dragon
How To Build Your First Trad Rack

This is what you really need to purchase for your first trad rack.

Ice Climbing Packing List
Ice Climbing Packing List

A comprehensive packing list for your next ice climbing adventure

Climb Toubkal without a guide
How To Climb Toubkal Without A Guide

A comprehensive guide to climbing Jbel Toubkal (4,167m) in Morocco.

Ski Touring Repair Kit

A downloadable list including everything to pack for basic field repairs.

How To Build A Badass Home Gym

A story of the rise and fall of the 15 Gary Strength Institute

Packing list for multipitch climbing
Cleaning Sport Anchors (coming soon...)

The first of a two part series on how to safely clean sport climbing anchors

The Dangers Of Alpine Draws

An inadvertent Klemheist and a case for shouldered slings.

How to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend
How To Survive A Roadtrip With Your Girlfriend

Some considerations to make sure the first roadtrip with your girlfriend is a mutually enjoyable experience.