Gear Reviews
Edelrid Skimmer
Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry 7.1

An initial review of the Edelrid Skimmer Pro Dry 7.1mm set, the world's thinnest fully certified half ropes.

Edelrid Ohm
Edelrid Ohm

An assisted braking resister designed to help climbers with a large weight differential.

Petzl Leopard
Petzl Leopard Crampons (coming soon...)

Ultra-lightweight aluminum crampons for ski touring, mountaineering and alpine climbing.

Petzl Altitude
Petzl Altitude Harness (coming soon...)

Superlight Dyneema harness for ski mountaineering and alpine climbing.

DMM Dragon
DMM Dragon 2 Cams (coming soon...)

An initial review of the updated Dragon 2 cam, featured redesigned lobes.

Scarpa Triolet
Long Term Review: Scarpa Triolet GTX Pro

The Triolet has taken me above 4000m twenty times in twelve countries over four years and this is my long term review.