How to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend

How To Survive A Roadtrip With Your Girlfriend

How To Survive A Roadtrip With Your Girlfriend

Summertime evokes strong emotions of excitement and nostalgia. As the snow disappears and brings forth longer days we trade our winter coats for shorts, fire up the barbecue and head outside.  And no matter who you are, a roadtrip will always symbolize freedom and adventure.  But being confided in a small space can be trying, even for the strongest of couples.  This is a guide of how to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend.

Research as much as you can but remain flexible in your planning

There is a difference between research and planning. Research involves the concious collection of intel with the intent to prepare for all possible contingencies. Planning denotes adherence to a rigid schedule.  Instead of planning each stop, research the attractions en route and have a hardcopy handy for the navigator/co-pilot to consult.  If you see something of interest, a photo op, a scrumptious roadside food option, a nearby rock climbing crag (because your significant other is super cool and a great belay partner) or an opportunity to explore, take it! Fortune favours the bold and you’ll never know what amazingness lies just around the next corner. A willingness to explore is what makes for great experiences and even better tales.

How to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend

Know that things can and deviate from your perfect plans

Hotels get overbooks, roads get closed, people get lost and honestly, destinations lose their appeal.  When embarking on a roadtrip accept that the image you have in your head will not be exactly what happens.   Maintain an easy going attitude under any and all circumstances.  Drowning each other in a sea of complains won’t add anyone in that situation and if you only plant crab apples, guess what you’re going to harvest?  If something goes wrong just remember that adventure is adverse circumstances recalled in tranquillity.  Just think about how good that story is going to be later.

How to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend

Respect the gender-specific anatomical variance in bladder size.

Remain vigilant for potential rest stops. On long stretches of northern highways they may be few and far between. It is important to note the hygenic standards of many truck stops may be subpar and it would be wise to come armed with an arsonel of sanitation solutions. Expect a Purell bath should you desire physical contact with your significant other post-Manitoba roadside Husky gas station restroom stop.
Should emergency strike, plan ahead with the clever GoGirl solution, enabling your classy lady to pee like a dude.
How to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend


Roadtrips are about freedom. Casting off the shackles of the everyday in search of adventure and escape. You simply can’t live in the moment when you’re burdened with stuff. Here is a helpful packing guide:

  1. Select multi purpose items.  You don’t need a separate outfit for every occasion.  Jeans are incredibly versatile.
  2. Unless you’re a fanatic or plan to participate in a specific activity many times during the trip, you can probably leave niche items at home.  I don’t even want to think about the number of times I carried running shoes and the grandiose illusion of using them with me only to have them remain in my luggage for the duration of the trip.
  3. Workout clothes.  Even if you aren’t planning on working out, consider Under Armour type fabrics for travel.  They’re made so you don’t stink when working out so guess what?  You probably won’t stink six hours into a roadtrip with a pair of compression shorts under your jeans.
  4. Take a long hard look at your choice of luggage.  Select a smaller one.
  5. Decide what activities you have to pack for.  Lay out all the clothes, personal care items, specific gear, beautifying products, accessories and entertainment gizmos on your bed.  Leave half of that at home.

Include a variety of entertainment options

Country music and classic rock will forever remain the staples of the roadtrip but include a variety. Podcasts on a common interest can pass the time when conversation has dwindled the Saskatchewan wheat fields have lost their allure. Language tapes (I suggest Pimsleur or Michel Thomas) are great as they help the practising driver remain alert and its pretty much the easiest thing to drown out if you’re trying to sleep as the passenger.  When you stop make sure you have a few entertainment items to play with.  A frisbee, football or soccer ball make an otherwise dull situation infinitely more pleasant.

Create an in-vehicle comfort survival kit

Include a couple of highly satiating snacks, some drinks, a few magazines, a blanket in case disagreements in ideal temperature arise and my personal favorite: Oxypads. There is something magical about wiping that soothing cotton pad laden with chemicals across your dirty face and then looking at it afterwards to see how disgusting you were. Nothing makes you feel as good and as terrible about yourself at the same time.

Actual Survival Kit

Adverse weather strikes, cars break, zombies rise, English come collecting back taxes from Colonial days. It is crucial that your vehicle include food, water, clothing and sleeping provisions for at least three days.  Have a flashlight, tarp, multi-tool, first aid kit and cash on hand. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained but supplement this with a properly inflated spare tire, pump with gauge, jumper cables, a basic tool kit, coolant, oil and a small jerry can of gasoline. Just do it.  Don’t be that 21st century guy that can’t fulfil his manly duties because your emasculating skinny jeans and diligently quaffed hair inhibit his potential as the role of protector.

Set aside time for each other

Regardless of your destination, a roadtrip is about the journey.  For those of us lucky enough to have the opportunity to share this journey with someone important to us and have the chance to build memories that will last a lifetime, cherish it.  Slow down and take time to share the fleeting moments that pass us by as the odometer clicks around.  Take in a sunset from a spectacular vantage point, fall asleep under the stars, laugh and be silly.  Remember that this is really about the person you’re sharing it with and don’t ever take that for granted.

I hope this has provided a good overview for the information required as to how to to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend. I welcome your feedback in the comments below. Your input is invaluable as we’re all in this together.

How to survive a roadtrip with your girlfriend

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